Options Protocol
with the Highest Capital Efficiency

Converging TradFi Option and DeFi features to revolutionize options trading on chain.
Launch V1 App

ZOMMA aims to be the underlying fuel for all on-chain financial products, focusing to contribute to the DeFi world by building an array of innovative and diversified products, that include staking, yield mining, buy & sell European style options, settlements and minimal collateral to achieve a win-win for all our ecosystem participants.

Audit Completed by

Tightest Spread

Zomma Protocol offers minimal call and put spreads to achieve competitive pricing for all traders

Pay gas without ETH

Traders can now pay gas with $USDC and $Hold and other ERC-20 Tokens with the integration of zkSync native Paymaster

Providing Tradfi Option Trading Experience

Takers can buy and sell both calls and puts options flexibly with cross margin



  • Launched V1 on zkSync Era
  • Code audited
  • Launched BTC options on zkSync Era
  • Launched ETH options on zkSync Era
  • Joined Paymaster Alliance on zkSync, integrated AA 
  • Launched $eZMA rewards program

Partnership & Community

  • Core contributor to ZK Buidlark Hackathon in Taipei
  • 3 testnet trading community campaigns
  • 3 Twitter giftaways - testnets
  • Multiple community AMA on Beta @ zkSync
  • Multiple Galxe/ QuestN on Beta @ zkSync
  • Built Zomma community (Discord, Telegram, Twitter)
  • Zomma Exposure on NFTTokyo, ETHDenver, ETHCC, TBW, ETHTaipei, Token2049, Timestamp
  • Partnership developments with zkSync Ecosystem, Liquidity Providers (Market Makers), CEX with Options products

Future Development

Fund Raising

  • Raising Seeds Round
  • Token Launch


  • Structured Vaults
  • Options Structured Product

Partnership & Community

  • Grow Twitter community to 2x now
  • Options Trading competition
  • Official Partnership with Perp & Structured products
  • Partnerships with DeFi LPs
  • Core contributor to ZK community in Taipei




  • Bitcoin HODLER since 2013
  • Co-Founder of AlcheMiner (40nm Litecoin mining chips) in 2013
  • Largest Bitcoin community admin. (160K members) in Taiwan and Taipei Ethereum Meetup
  • Co-founder of JOYSO, the first HEX in 2017, raised 7000 ETH in ICO
  • Largest individual Investor for Cybavo (Acquired by Circle Group)
  • Crypto native since 2013 for 11 years



  • Bitcoin HODLER since 2013
  • Top 15 most influential people in Taiwan blockchain industry
  • Co-founder of JOYSO, the first HEX, raised 7000 ETH in ICO 2017
  • Chairman to Taiwan Association for Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation (TABEI) since 2016
  • Multiple crypto project angels
  • Crypto native since 2016

Chief Scientist

Dr. CH Sean Han

  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, North Carolina State University
  • Current Adjunct associate professor in the Department of Math at National Taiwan University (NTU) & Associate Professor in the Department of Quantitative Finance at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)

Chief Strategist

Alex Huang

  • 20+ years of TradFi Derivatives Trading
  • Ex-Senior VP @ KGI Securities & Yuanta Securities & Polaris Securities
  • Advisors to trading desk @ public listed FI
  • Multiple awards winner from Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC)



  • Head of Engineering, JOYSO, 2017
  • Smart Contract & Blockchain Developing experience since 2016


Wayne Chen

  • 10 years of Full Stack dev. experiences
  • DeFi native user & arbitrageur since 2019

Business Development


  • Crypto native and crypto BD, investment & marketing since 2017
  • Curated GTM strategies for top projects



  • Crypto native and crypto marketing & community since 2016
  • Incubated 20+ top500 projects towards TGE



  • 15 years of TradFi experiences
  • Certified Securities Investment Analyst (CSIA) and Asset Manager

UI/UX Designer

Fanshuo Fang

  • 9 years of UI/UX design experiences