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Options Protocol
with the Highest Capital Efficiency

Converging TradFi Option and DeFi features to revolutionize options trading on chain.
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ZOMMA aims to be the underlying fuel for all on-chain financial products, focusing to contribute to the DeFi world by building an array of innovative and diversified products, that include staking, yield mining, buy & sell European style options, settlements and minimal collateral to achieve a win-win for all our ecosystem participants.

Providing Tradfi Option Trading Experience

Takers can buy and sell both calls and puts options flexibly with cross margin

Optimized Multi-Pool Experience with APR and Leverage

Diverse liquidity pools allow LPs in various liquidity provision, while the fund structure enables seamless addition and removal of liquidity.



  • Launched alpha test on testnet
  • Launched Beta on zkSync Era

Partnership & Community

  • 3 testnet trading community campaigns
  • 3 Twitter giftaways - testnets
  • Multiple community AMA on Beta @ zkSync
  • Multiple Galxe/ QuestN on Beta @ zkSync
  • Built Zomma community (Discord, Telegram, Twitter)
  • Zomma Exposure on NFTTokyo, ETHDenver, ETHCC, TBW, ETHTaipei, Token2049, Timestamp
  • Partnership developments with zkSync Ecosystem, Liquidity Providers (Market Makers), CEX with Options products

Future Development

Fund Raising

  • Raising Seeds Round
  • Token Launch


  • 0DTE (expiry <24h)
  • 0DTE Structured Vaults
  • Binary Structured Vaults
  • Account Abstraction
  • Bitcoin Options

Partnership & Community

  • Grow Twitter community to 2x now
  • Options Trading competition
  • Official Partnership with Perp & Structured products
  • Partnerships with DeFi LPs
  • core contributor to ZK community in Taipei